Wenatchee Valley Chess4Kidz​​

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Serving  Schools in Wenatchee, East Wenatchee, Leavenworth and Cashmere
What we teach...
Here are some basic lesson topics.

Piece Movement: This is where we start with beginners. How does each piece move? How can each piece contribute to winning a chess game? With this we also teach 

TEAMWORK, an essential life skill. Beginning students are given a booklet, The Rules of Chess, published by Chess4Life, which they can study at home with parents or guardians. 

The Goal of Chess: The goal of a chess is to trap the King, so that it is in check and cannot get out of check. Students are taught to keep their focus on this goal. With this we also teach the importance of FOCUS on life goals. Students also learn to be observant and see the whole board.

Making good decisions requires a person see the "whole" instead of one little part. 

Win, Draw, LEARN: We don't speak of "win, lose or draw"; we speak of "win, draw, learn." Losing a chess game is an opportunity to learn. What did I learn from losing this game that will help me do better the next time? Children generally do this in video games. They do not generally do best when they play a video game the first time. They have to learn where the threats are, what icons refresh them, and where they can be attacked. The same is true with chess. Being attentive can help them reach "a higher level" with each loss. We teach that in chess, as well as in life, we need to learn from our losses! 

Tactics: Tactics are the special tools we learn to help us play better. These include "Controlling the Center of the Board", using  attack strategies, like "forks", "pins", "skewers", "discovered attacks", "batteries", "the electric fence", and "removing the defender. We also learn how to use the pieces together as a team, instead of trying to do it all with one piece, like the Queen. In chess, as well as in life, we are BETTER TOGETHER!

Of course, this is not all we learn. We don't have enough space here to say it all! Bu this gives an essentail outline.

Learning More!

One series of 6-8 classes on chess will not teaxh a child all they need to know about chess. Here are  some opportunities for them to learn more:

Register for another session: Each 8-class session will be followed by another series, for the duration of the school year. Each time we will review some, and add some new learning.

Summer camps: We are hoping to set up week-long day camps during the summer, where we can have fun together an learn more intensively.